To blog or not to blog…

I have been pondering this question for some time now. Who am I to think that anything I have to say is of interest or worth to anyone else (A question I am sure many of my students think each day in class as well:))? The phone rang the other day and I proceeded to have a conversation which caused me to consider this question from a whole new perspective.

I currently work part time, so I had the day off. In the midst of spring cleaning (yes, that is how I spend my day off!), the phone rang. It was the principal at my school. She was writing a document which would allow some money to be used next year to keep me on board. She needed me to help her craft the document and site some specific reading and writing strategies we would utilize. For a few moments, my brain was frozen! I’d only been working there for three months and had the previous part of the school year off to move my family across the country. After hanging up the phone, I realized that my reading teacher brain was beginning to atrophy! No longer was I having rich conversations daily about teaching and literacy. While I was reading much on my own and pondering as much as I could, my thoughts had become scattered.

Later that day, I visited one of my favorite sites, the EC Ning , to find a query about what writing we would be doing for the summer.  As I read what my colleagues were sharing, I realized that I was missing a golden opportunity to gather my scattered thoughts and to crystallize all that I had been pondering on my own. I understood then that the opportunity to blog was not so much about what I had to share with others, but what I had to share with myself. And by blogging, I would have the opportunity to hear the voices of others who could help me further refine my thinking.

So, here I am blogging. But I know it is about more than just reorganizing my thoughts about teaching and literacy. For me, it is about discovering the heart of what I do. Why when I have had opportunity after opportunity to leave the profession to pursue countless other endeavors do I still choose to walk into a classroom? What is it about the heart and art of teaching that captivates me and sends me in pursuit of more and more knowledge?

Questions for another day… To blog, yes, that is the answer.


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