Whew! This poem writing stuff is hard work! Using George Ella Lyon’s poem as a model, I had to write a poem for Dr. Carl Young’s class. Still not sure it is where I want it to be…but I’ll share for now. Pointers would be welcomed!


Where I Am From
( with a nod to George Ella Lyon)

I am from uniforms and ceremony.
From “Hut-2-3-4” and “Yes, sir!”
I am from the orange tree in Granny’s yard,
heavy with fruit
we picked each day.
I am from the hibiscus bushes
bejeweled with bright, red blossoms
unfolding to bask in the southern sun.

I remember tapioca pudding and jangling Granny bracelets,
thanks to Marian and AJ (with the presence of Virgil,the grandpa I never knew)
I am southern belles
and Midwestern no-nonsense,
“I’ll count to five” and “I mean it, young lady!”
I celebrate a faith born in the Episcopal high church and Southern Baptist fire and brimstone,
nurtured in the variety of a non-denominational army church.

I am my mama and daddy’s girl.
Ron and Carol’s “Reese”, their oldest child.
I am a lover of fried chicken and RC Cola,
a mourner of the hearing my father lost to mortar fire,
the grandfathers lost to heart disease, the names in the family Bible I will never meet.
I was shaped by the piles of books and record albums cluttering my room,
transporting me to other worlds.
Dreams and fantasies, hopes and fears.
I am from those moments of laughter and tears,
joy and sorrow,
Binding generations together.


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