Poem a Day #5- The silliness sets in!

Whew! Finding time for writing is getting difficult. The first few days of the challenge, I had some material to draw from, but now…

Today in class my students and I were writing hyperbole poems. This was a challenge for many (including myself!). I harnessed my inner Seuss to pen this fount of silliness and exaggeration!

Being a Mother

Motherhood is a never-ending job.

You spend 24 hours cleaning up after slobs.

Oh and the laundry is piled higher than Mt. Everest.

At night you are lucky to get 4 hours of rest!

And what about the dirty dishes that seem to multiply?

You swear you washed then, but, there they are! Why?

“Mom, Mom, MOM!” is the word they seem to continuously shout.

Sometimes uttered beseechingly, sometimes as a pout.

But in the end, being a mother,

Is the job I choose. I don’t want (almost) any other!


4 thoughts on “Poem a Day #5- The silliness sets in!

    • Thanks, Maureen! Felt a little over the top, but that is what a hyperbole poem is about! Might have to counter it with one that is a little more positive:) I appreciate you taking the time to visit and read!

  1. I hear you regarding finding time. It’s funny, writer’s notebooks have always been something I’ve made my students do. Now, I’ve been doing it to capture ideas as they come. And they come at the strangest times!

    • I try to keep my Writer’s Notebook with my kids, but I find myself writing about so many different things. Not always in a poetic mood:) If I get desperate, I suppose I can pull out my old notebooks from high school filled with really lousy love and teen angst poems, LOL! Looking forward to reading your poem!

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