Poem a Day #7

I had my poem all ready to go for day 7 of #poemaday and then I forgot to post it! So, here’s it is ! Poem a Day #7

A Double Life
I imagine a life where…

I am sitting at a cafe’ sipping espresso
I am swaying to the rhythm of a song
I am enjoying the hush of my country house
I am free to come and go as I please.

And then…a door slams…

I enter a life where…

I am surrounded by a cascade of laundry
I am discovered by an army of dogs and boys
I am regaled with stories of the day
I am the shuttle driver once again

And then…a door opens.

Poem #8
Today was imagery writing day in class.

The Tree Outside My Window
A brilliant flash of white.
My sleeping neighbor awakes and greets the spring.
Buds open and flower
Welcoming chirping friends.
A reminder that
Even after the darkest days
We can begin again.


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