Poem a Day #11

Today’s is a past poem that I’ve dusted off to use in my classroom. Like the activitities that have been developed to go with G. E. Lyons’ poem “Where I’m From” this is a framed poem with the start of each line being provided. I love the poems my kids write as a part of this activity. They share so much of themselves. It is a gift.

When I was a child I was cared for, loved and protected.
I wanted to be a dancer, a singer adored by all.
I believed that all I had to do was wish hard enough and all that I wanted or desired would be mine. I believed in fairies and monsters and wishes on stars.
I hoped to grow and grow.
I loved my parents, my home, learning and books.
I learned that people could be unkind, that mommies could kiss hurts away and that being different was sometimes not a good thing.
I was certain that I would always be safe.

When I began to grow life presented realities that challenged all that I knew and believed.
I wanted to be more than I was or what I thought I should be.
I believed that someday Prince Charming would save the day.
I hoped to find the path that was mine to follow, to know it when it was there and to have the courage to take it.
I loved music and singing and books and reading and all those things that could transport you to another time and place. I loved those things that could say what you wanted to say, needed to say, but were unable to find the words to say.
I learned perseverance and courage. I learned anger and pity. I learned friendship and love.
I was certain that I knew all there was to know and that life’s mysteries were explainable.

Now that I am almost grown I realize that life is comparatively short and tomorrows come faster and faster each day.
I want to be a better person tomorrow than I am today.
I believe that to change the world each of us must stand up for what we believe in and, eventually, stand together.
I hope that my children always know how much I love them. I hope that my students know how much I value them. I hope I leave the Earth a better place because I was here.
I love my boys, my husband. I love that I have a job that is fun and exciting and challenging. I love that I have found my path, but I know there are still other paths for me to follow.
I have learned that there are no certainties in life, that being safe can sometimes be an illusion and that, ultimately, I am not in charge.
I am certain that mommies can still kiss hurts away, at least for a short time in life. I am certain that nothing is certain and that one of the joys of life is the unending choices we are allowed to make.
When I was a child I was just beginning on the journey to the me that I am today. A journey still not completed.


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