Poem a Day #13

Thanks to Bud Hunt for posting such great prompts to get us thinking this month! I used his prompt as inspiration today!

The Universe
(With a Tip of the Hat to Captain Kirk)

A seemingly vast entity
Encompassing the sun, the moon, the stars
Containing life known and perhaps life unknown.
It is space, the final frontier.

And yet,it can be shrunk, minimized to include only
Tumbling, wrestling children and dogs.
Laughter and music ringing off the walls
It is home, my favorite frontier.


2 thoughts on “Poem a Day #13

  1. I love the turn in the second stanza: it is a beautiful way to capture the nature of family life. This is one my favorites you’ve written so far!

    • Aww…thanks! I know I should probably ponder deep things like the universe, but it seems to pale next to listening to the pounding of feet and laughter in our crazy, hectic house!

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