Poem a Day #14

Today my alternative ed high school students used Skype to reach across the miles and read to some elementary school students in Edenton, NC. Even through technical difficulties, my kids smiled and laughed and kept right on rolling. My students are kids who have had lots of labels placed on them and, often, little expected of them. After 20 years as a teacher, it still never ceases to amaze me what happens when we step back and watch kids and let them achieve. This piece is my reflection of today.

A Vision

I watch you
All nervous energy and anxious anticipation
Mumbling to yourself
Unsure and sure at the same time.
I watch you
Taking a risk
As you stretch the wings you didn’t know you had
Or forgot you had.
I watch you
And my heart swells
Seeing you become
What you are and what you can be.
I watch you
And I know
We have succeeded
Where others thought we would fail.


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