Slice 3- Ramblings

Just a mere two days ago the thrill of a Friday heralding the weekend was reverberating through the air. Tonight, just a mere two days later, the weekend so greatly anticipated seems to have disappeared into thin air. I want to shout “Stop thief!” for surely someone stole it away.

Where did those 48 hours go? How could they have passed so quickly? What in heaven’s name was accomplished in that time?

-4 swim practices

– 2 grocery shopping trips

-A trip to the mall for new glasses for two boys and shoes for 3 boys

– Family movie/dinner night

-Wonderful worship service

-The gift of an hour of music practice

-Cooking dinner for the youth group

-Sunday night date with my 10yo boy to watch Once Upon a Time

-Several hours of book reading

-5 episodes of The Tudors (my guilty pleasure!)



-Dog walking

-Two 7 hr nights of sleep (a luxury!)

Ahhh…….there’s my 48 hours! Perhaps next weekend I can find a way to make it a 72 hour weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “Slice 3- Ramblings

  1. Life is so full, and it looks like you are living it to the hilt. When I’m off for the summer, I always think, “It’s too bad people have to work for a living. This is fun!”

  2. Amazing how fast those weekends go, huh? How many weeks until Spring Break?
    And yet, as a mom who is almost at the empty-nest point, I’m missing the practices, and trips to the mall, and athletic events. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, it goes away too fast!

    • I hear ya, Carol! I know it will be gone before I know it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, sometimes I just have to stop and realize for a minute that it’s not that I wasted my time, but that my time was so full. Helps me feel a little less guilty about all things I didn’t get done to reflect on how much I did do!

  3. I would say you got quite a bit done in one weekend!! I have gotten selfish with my weekends lately — really love having from noon Sunday on to do nothing I “have” to do — I feel a blog post coming on. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!
    And if you ever figure out that 72 hour weekend, let me know!

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