Slice 5/6- My Brain Is Full!

I missed posting a slice yesterday. I’m so disappointed because I really want to meet the daily goal. Big sigh…. Too many deadlines and responsibilities to think coherently.


And tonight, I’m still floundering for what to say. I have been reading research and professional books like a mad woman the last few days to prepare for some upcoming professional development and some other writing commitments I have. And it feels like my brain is full! Really, I can almost feel gravity pulling my head downwards towards my chest or over to the side to one shoulder or the other because I can no longer hold it up straight with the massive amounts of input that has been stored there.

I’ve always been one of those people that needs more time to reflect and think when I get new information. I was always that kid that left your class thinking to myself “I have a great answer for that question now.” I struggle through interviews because I’m trying to process the question and gather thoughts and I need some quiet time to do that, which you don’t get in an interview. My brain likes to chew slowly when it is fed new information.

So, what do you do when your brain is full?! Well, on those few occasions when I eat too much, I tend to go flop on the couch and watch mindless t.v. or just recline until my stomach digests it all. I guess the brain-full equivalent is to park myself in a reading spot with a book intended merely for entertainment while my brain digests all the input. Off I go!


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