Slice 7- Sunshine

I’ve found myself rather worked up lately over education issues, social justice issues, the idiocy of our politicians. It takes a lot of energy to be angry and worked up! My day started today with another awesome post from Teri Lesesne about CCSS. But of course, this topic gets me worked up!

Then I looked up and the sun was shining (it was still cold, but at least there’s sun!) And the day unfolded and there were so many good things….

I met with several other people to continue outlining a book we are writing. We discussed ideas and themes and developed an outline for a book I think is going to be great. I’m so very lucky to have been invited to be a part of this venture.

I spent time in a special needs classroom and was blessed to see  the love and patience of amazing educators and paraprofessionals called to work with some of our neediest babies.

I ate lunch (some days this doesn’t happen!)

I took my 14yo (Colin) to swim a race at the Southeastern Sectionals.

I received an email from my twin boys’ former math teacher. My other 14yo (Ian) had sent him an email in which he poured out his heart about some things and thanked his teacher for teaching him not only math, but kindness. He confessed to making a poor choice in his Biology class about working with a partner and he vowed to not do it again and be a better person because of this teacher’s influence. The teacher forwarded the email to me and wanted me to know he dragged himself out of bed to go to work and was so sick he wasn’t sure how he would make it through the day. He opened the email from Ian and cried. He wanted me to know how much he loves my boys and how proud I should be of them.

I arrived to present a parent workshop, but not many folks showed up. So I sat with one dad and talked 1:1 and answered all of his questions about his 6yo daughter, who is an only child ,and how to best communicate with the school. In his beautiful accent he said “She is my princess and I want to do right by her”. He thanked me. But I think I should be thanking him.

Because there weren’t many attendees, we finished early. This allowed me to do something I haven’t done in months- sing! I made it to choir practice. And our final song was our Easter anthem “See What a Morning”, one of my all time favorite songs to sing!

Yep, there’s a lot I could get worked up about, and I probably still will. But there is also so much to celebrate and be thankful for. There is good in the world. The sun is shining.



5 thoughts on “Slice 7- Sunshine

    • It’s about mentoring and advocacy programs, specifically the development of our program, the research behind it and how others can create similar programs. Lots of great personal student, parent, mentor and staff stories to be included! By the time we get to All Write, I should be able to share more.

  1. Your son is an amazing kid. We dream of those emails, don’t we?

    And you, lady. a book! What you do is important work and needs talking about. I thought about you as I had a discussion with my husband about how difficult it is for kids in poverty to do well in school. I cannot wait to hear more about this book.

    • I know! I tell my boys all the time that the greatest gift they can give a teacher who has influenced them is to write them a note telling them that. I guess he listened 🙂

      Yep, a book. Luckily I’m in good company with other really smart folks. Otherwise I’d be as intimidated a heck to do this! Happy to share more next time our paths cross.

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