Kids These Days…

It’s that time of year again. Time for our Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership Institute alternative Spring Break trip. This year we have 2 groups doing great things in 2 places- Charlotte, NC and Costa Rica. I was lucky enough to get to be part of the group in Costa Rica! So, here I am. One of 6 chaperones with a group of 24 high school students (including my own 14 yo twins). We’ve been here less than 12 hours and already I am reminded why getting these opportunities is not the chore some might think. I’ll never forget going with 4 young men this afternoon to a local place (a burger restaurant of all things!) to order food. I have very limited Spanish, the cashier had almost no English. And the places here take American money or the local Colones. But we had to try and convert it in our heads. So we had a language barrier and a money barrier. But we made it through. I’ll never forget the excitement of the youngest guy in our group as he was able to order and got a drink he had never had before. “Mrs. Bunner! This is like the best drink I’ve ever had! Here, try some” he exclaimed.
I’ll also never forget how my sweet boy Colin got sick not long after our arrival and how many of the students, who had met him for the first time today, asked how he was doing. They’re concerned and hopeful he’ll be recovered for day 2.
Then there will be the memories of listening to them gathered here in the lobby to sit and talk and laugh. They should be so tired and jet lagged, yet they are reveling in this time together in a country where they don’t speak the language and where dinner was traditional here, but not so traditional on our home state of North Carolina.
There will likely be moments along the way when we will all be tired. We might even lose patience with each other for a moment. But in the end, seeing all this through their eyes, listening to their laughter, watching them learn, will make any bumps along the way more than worth it.
Yep, kids these days…pretty darn awesome!


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