New Beginnings…

I need your help! It’s past time for a redesign of my blog. I’m ready to go in a new direction and this means my blog needs a new name! I’m hoping one of you creative geniuses out there has just the right one in mind. Share your thoughts below. For your troubles- if I choose your suggestion, I’ll email you some book titles you can choose from and I’ll send a book (or 2 or 3) your way as a thank you.


Where is my blog going? On two different coasts and in two different job settings I have had continuous conversations with colleagues in which we talk about common sense teaching practices (at least they seem like common sense to us!). Each conversation ends with “It’s not rocket science!” But then, wait, maybe it is! So I’ve come to the conclusion that great teaching IS rocket science. And that’s what the ed reformers and texbook publishing companies seem to miss. Rocket science isn’t about the rocket structure itself. I can take metal and create the basic form of a rocket ship. But it still won’t fly. What makes rocket science tough is all the minute detail. The wiring, the computer programming, the finite adjustments to the trajectory so that the rocket heads in the right direction,making sure there is enough thrust to lift the weight of the rocket, and knowing how to adjust any and all of it should something not work.

That’s what great teaching is all about. It may start with a standard, a lesson, a text… but the true art of teaching is in all the little details. Knowing your students, understanding how each student learns, adjusting for changes in weather which affect student behavior (you know it does! Now if science would study that phenomenon!), redirecting a lesson on a downward trajectory so that students walk away with a new learning. It’s all of those seemingly innate or little things that great teachers do that are hard to define and to quantify. But without them, learning falls flat for students. Great teachers help students soar, like rockets into the sky.

So, what would a blog that looks at great teaching in this way be called? I could call it “Great Teaching IS Rocket Science” but that sounds so cliche’. What title would draw you in and make you want to be part of the conversation? I’m excited to hear your ideas. And I’m excited to start this new journey. Thanks!  T


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings…

  1. Teresa, I love it! Teaching = rocket science has been my mantra to teachers many times when I do PD. Honoring the designer, engineer, and captain in all of us. I dare many people to do what good teachers do every day. And you’ve really extended this metaphor with great examples. Teach on!

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