Yesterday was a day of amazing amazements. I received a follow up email about a possible future project that was, well, one of those messages that just makes you breathless for a moment. Can’t give details (sorry! No specifics to give just yet!). I received 2 boxes of books from wonderful friends to share with teachers at a workshop later this week. And then an email arrived to tell me I was nominated for a Bammy Award. I have to be honest- I thought it was a joke. Then I clicked the link and was just stupefied by this honor. Me? Really?! I thought for sure they made a mistake. There are so many voices out there right now. So many people I respect and admire who have things to say that I think are so much smarter than what I have to share from my little corner of the world. And I had to laugh, because whoever nominated me doesn’t know that I am absolutely horrid at self-promotion, one of the things they encourage you to do as a result of this award.

I may not win. That’s okay. It just capped off a wonderful day that reminded how very truly lucky and blessed I am to get to do what I do and to know the people I know.


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