What if….

A poem for Poem in a Pocket Day.


What if…

…every parent, educator, significant adult that touched a child’s life TRULY believed in their capabilities?

…a library card was easier to get?

…guns were harder to get?

…we sent every baby home with books of their own along with the formula samples?

…the public understood that teaching is a calling, not just a job?

…we paid teachers commensurate with all the jobs they really do?

…we learned to disagree constructively and work towards compromise?

…people voted because they understood the issues, not because of party affiliation or what someone told them?

…politicians stopped making educational laws and let educators govern themselves?

…we understood our implicit biases and how they guide our actions?

…we all laughed a lot more?

…we all hugged, high-fived and shoulder slapped a lot more?

…no teacher ever had to spend money out of their own pocket for classroom materials?

…school lunches were actually healthy AND tasty?

…no child ever knew what it was like to be physically, emotionally or spiritually hurt?

I won’t stop dreaming of no more “what-ifs”. I won’t stop hoping for no more “what-ifs”. I won’t stop working towards no more “what-ifs”. What if we all did?


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