Please Let There Be School!

I live in central North Carolina. Numerous jokes abound about how winter weather-namely in the form of snow and ice- can shut down the South. And it can. The infrastructures just aren’t set up for it and I’m fairly convinced that we only own about 3 snow plows for the entire state.

The past two weeks have seen our students attending school for 1.5 days. Yes, 1.5 days out of 10. My 2 boys still here at home and in school have watched movies, televisions shows, played in the snow, read, played on the computer, played indoor basketball and just about driven each other crazy at times. My oldest who is out of school this year, has sequestered himself in his room when he is home to avoid all us pesky folks who have been hanging out cramping his style. My other son was home last week as his residential high school was on trimester break. So it has been a house full of boys!

Our little gravel country road is still a mess of snow and ice. It never sees direct sun, so until it warms up for several days, it will stay that way. Tonight the phone rang and it was the school’s number. My heart stopped for a moment and I immediately thought “Please let there be school tomorrow!” I don’t just want my children out of the house (okay, maybe a little :-)). I want them to go learn. Not that they can’t do that here. But they actually enjoy the world that is school. They have great teachers. They are social beings. They play sports. We’re ready for a return to our regulary scheduled programming here.

As I see pictures (and Facebook posts) from the midwest and northeast, I realize how lucky we are that it has just been two weeks of this. I’m sending warm thoughts to my friends in far more wintry places. But, I’m still ready to send my kids to school tomorrow. Thank goodness for teachers! šŸ™‚ I bet there are a lot of parents in a lot of places who appreciate us a little more after numerous snow days. That alarm tomorrow morning will be a sweet sound!


10 thoughts on “Please Let There Be School!

  1. Oh wow, I feel for you! We’ve had a handful of snow (intense cold) days here in Chicago, but 8.5 days? Yikes. I’m sure your boys (esp your oldest, haha) have a new appreciation for their education. Warm thoughts your way!

  2. True, we southerners don’t do a lot of driving in snow and aren’t as practiced. But give me snow anytime over the ice we have had in Tennessee. Come on March and bring on spring!

    • Yep, the ice is really scary. That’s what causes the real problems. It was sunny and warm today. Hope y’all got some sun, too!

  3. We’ve had a few snow and/or cold weather days here and there this year but not as much as you! It’s definitely fun at first, but then it seems to wear off. School is fun and the routine is good. I hope you do have school tomorrow! I’m off and hoping to get lots of writing done…we’ll see how it goes!

    • Thanks, Jen!! Hope you got lots of writing done. I need to do that, too! Somehow hard to focus with everyone at home. But at least they went to school today šŸ™‚

  4. 1.5 days out of ten???? Holy cow! That really is not very many! I agree with you- they definitely need to go back to school! Your comment about 3 snowplows for the whole state made me laugh! Here’s hoping for a warm and sunny week!

    • It’s warm and 60 degrees today. With ice/snow expected Thursday. Craziness! But we did have school. Hurray!

  5. I hope you have school too. We have only had one snow day here in Wisconsin this year, but we’ve had years with quite a few more and can relate. We all start to get a little stir crazy. šŸ˜‰

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