Because It Matters (#SOL15)

I missed the last few days of slicing….it’s been an extraordinarily busy week. I have a new job starting next week and I’ve been trying to tie up loose ends. I know next week will be just as hectic as I hit the ground running in my new gig. And in the midst of frantically trying to fit everything in, this message popped up in my FB messages today from a student I haven’t seen in 7 years:

I know it has been a long time since we have talked or seen each other. I hope you remember me. I could never forget you. You were my favorite teacher. You were always so caring and understanding, especially when I was going through a lot in high school. I wanted to thank you for everything! I appreciate you offering me your couch.

And just like that, all the long hours, all the times I’ve struggled to balance the hours I spend as an educator with my role as a mom, they are all worth it. This is why we do this. And no matter what the rhetoric says….It matters.


12 thoughts on “Because It Matters (#SOL15)

  1. It does matter. Some days I feel under-appreciated and wonder why I don’t get those special letters or moments of recognition from a student. Then THAT moment happens and I remember.

  2. Thank you for sharing the letter from your student. I hope the new job goes well. What you do matters. And your sharing here matters too.

  3. We do matter. I am so glad that this happened for you during this hectic time. It really sounds like it came at just the right moment! You truly have made such a difference! Always remember that.

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