Too Tired to Write… #SOL15

Is that possible? Can you be too tired to write? Is that an excuse? Would that work in our classrooms? How would we respond to a student who used this statement? Does the act of writing require energy? So many questions. I should write about th….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


8 thoughts on “Too Tired to Write… #SOL15

  1. I cannot tell you how often I think this. I am most often exhausted by the time I have a chance to write—and I know SO many of our students are as every bit as busy as we are! I am in awe of published writers who got their start while teaching full time, too—how DO they do it? And how can I move towards that???

  2. I’m just back from our conference night so I too am almost too tired to write. Fortunately, I got it done before I went to school. I’m not sure that statement would work out well in a classroom, but I’m sure we would find a way to support a student who was about to drop off.

  3. That’s why writing late at night is my enemy. I have dropped off in a snooze, and hit millions of keys that require deleting, and a keyboard that needs drying off from the drool of a sleeper.
    We can all relate to this! Happy dreams!

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