Sunrise- #SOL15



I am taking advantage a few, unexpected quiet moments this morning to write…

My new job brings one big change: a commute. I’ve never had to commute very far to my job. As a working mom, we lived in the same district I worked in and my boys went to daycare/school in when they were younger. My husband has had a commute in the past, but he now works from home. So, we’ve switched places in a sense.

This first week the commute is not bad. It’s new and novel, so I don’t mind the traffic or the length. But I know in the coming months (and hopefully, years!) there will be days when I will be less than enamored with this part of my day. I’m taking time each day to find some small moment to celebrate. I’ll revisit these moments on those days when the traffic becomes frustrating and I’m stressed about the extra time in my day for commuting. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the stress, the negative, the frustrations. And, so, moments like this morning’s sunrise hovering over the trees are moments I’ll remember, savor and be thankful for.


8 thoughts on “Sunrise- #SOL15

    • Thanks!!! I know the advantages will far outweigh the frustrations. Especially when the commute takes me to a job I love!

  1. Try and use the commute to meditate about things that are not stressful, plan your day and mostly enjoy the beauty you see…like this sunrise!

  2. Over the years, I’ve used my commute as a time to decompress from the day or pray in preparation for it. More recently, I’ve enjoyed the wonderful world of podcasts–learning, listening, “reading” about things of interest that I normally would not have the time to engage. I’m guessing your commute is by train, bus or chauffeur–unless you’re a police officer and you have a computer mounted to your dashboard. My city has public transportation–but for a large portion of citizens commute means: “my long, ridiculous ride through all this traffic that’s here for no apparent reason.” Either way, you’ve used your time wisely. Enjoy your commute home!

  3. This post reminded me of the year I commuted to work. Fortunately, my sixth grader at the time, traveled along with me. He was going to the school where I was teaching, which was in a neighboring county. Some of those long rides gave us perfect talk time and think time and some wonderful memories. Drive safely!!!

  4. I can get anywhere I need to be within a four mile radius of my home so your post gave me stress for you. You explained exactly how I would feel. I might try books on tape, but I’m not sure how long that would keep me distracted. My prayer is that you are able to use the time to gear up for school and then to debrief on the way home. Maybe that time being by yourself and reflecting will be just what you’ve always wanted.
    And a gorgeous sunrise is always a plus.

  5. Beautiful sky and sunrise. I use my commute to unwind too. I don’t have too much traffic, luckily, and can always count on NPR, a good audio book or playlist to make the ride entertaining. Safe travels to you as you get used to this new drive!

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