Sliceless in NC

I haven’t blogged for the Slice of Life challenge in days. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing, just not on my blog. The transition to a new job, a new family routine, has worn me out.

But more importantly, the time I could have been “slicing” I’ve been doing my most important job…being a mom. I love being an educator. I love rich discussions about student learning and planning curriculum. And as much as I love all that, it comes nowhere near how much I love my boys and being their mom.

Each of my four boys is a unique, amazing person. They share some similar likes and traits. But they are more different most days than they are alike. Two are cross country runners. One likes running in the heat. One likes running in the cold. One is a soccer and baseball player. One is a soccer and lacrosse player. All are musicians. We have a drum set, percussion instruments, a bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboard and ukelele in our house.

My husband and I have worked together to make sure that, except on the rare occasion, one of us is always at their sporting events or performances. For me, there is no greater joy than watching my boys do something they love.

I am so very appreciative that my new boss says “Yes, of course you need to leave to get to your boys’ game.” I’m not sure I could work for someone who didn’t feel that way.

So, the times I haven’t been “slicing” I’ve been “Momming” and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


9 thoughts on “Sliceless in NC

  1. I think teacher mom’s have the toughest job in the world. Balancing family life with life in the classroom takes intentional effort. I applaud you for prioritizing parenting above work.

    • It does go fast! My oldest will be off to college in the fall and his twin brothers just a year behind him. I treasure each moment with them.

  2. I concur! Thanks for sharing this. Now I don’t feel so guilty for being slice-less myself. How wonderful it is to have a boss who understands the importance of being there for your family. Enjoy your “mommying”, and thanks for this inspiring piece.

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